coloring book ,greeting cards

they look a lot better then they scanned  the scanner seemed to cut off parts of the cards the black is even all around the cards. Feel free to use the photos for your own cards I Google coloring book pages and get a lot of fun images to work with … I Goggled aContinue reading “coloring book ,greeting cards”

back to school card by rosebudinnh

I couldn’t find red paper for the card, so I painted the water color paper school  house red.  Then used my Cricut for the ABC and 123. Cut up a notebook to make a smaller one. I then made pencils out of  wooden skewers, colored with markers . Painted a  card stock flat black,  cut theContinue reading “back to school card by rosebudinnh”

cloth and paper mix media art card

    The flower is fabric , I sewed the white lines by hand and used sharpies to color.Couldn’t find pink string so I used white string and colored it with the same colored pink marker.The seeds are mini paper brads, yes I used it on the fabric… I never follow directions, just go withContinue reading “cloth and paper mix media art card”

Felt Easter Bunny Basket

These bunny Easter baskets are so sweet…. My Grandchildren will have fun with filling these up with eggs…Is it Easter YET? cutting and arranging the pattern pieces, and changing some things slightly , only because I didn’t have enough materials to do it the original way it was posted on Pinterest. love Pinterest by theContinue reading “Felt Easter Bunny Basket”

I finished a new cricut bird cut idea…Its so cute wedding birds

I cut 4 birds from the Animal Kingdom, Cricut cartridge then Inked the white card stock for coloring to add interest to the  love birds.   added some stuffing and finished sewing them. left opening for legs and feet which is paper clips wrapped in fluffy yarn.then cut out extra wings and used dementional tapeContinue reading “I finished a new cricut bird cut idea…Its so cute wedding birds”

Bought some wonderful tins at Walmart

Went shopping girls day out. HAD WAY TOO MUCH FUN…. thanks Amanda and Elizabeth.. found these great tins full of candy, just begging to be altered…. I have been looking for some tins just for this project, Id just about given up on it.. But here these tins were in the CLEARANCE aisle, how luckyContinue reading “Bought some wonderful tins at Walmart”

my first tri fold shutter card.

this Is my very first trifold shutter card. Not to shabby, Its a Birthday card for a special boy who loves bugs……. Dragon fly and butterfly are sizzix die cuts , I embossed the paper to give them texture.and some diamond eyes. The other BUGS are from Cricut cartridge Stretch your imagination. I used theContinue reading “my first tri fold shutter card.”

sizzix bird houses…… Its a spring thing!

  sizzix bird house die cut is front made out of foamboard. I then traced the front and cut out for a back by hand…then made sides by eye as I dont measure. cut and recut to size., glued in place with my fabri-tac glue.cut a long roof out score a line down for the fold,and bend,Continue reading “sizzix bird houses…… Its a spring thing!”

new big sizzix bird house die I love the mailman..

But I love my husband more..I got my order that my wonderful husband bought for me on ebay….  sizzix dies,  seasons flowers  , the big bird house, a beautiful butterfly.    I have this wonderful idea for a centerpiece, that is SCREAMING  spring,  Easter…   I am still working out all the details on this project, asContinue reading “new big sizzix bird house die I love the mailman..”

green bottle christmas tree…………..

Do you have a member of the house hold that drinks alot of beer? Well in keeping with the Crafting tradition of  my blog, Heres the great crafting idea!!!  Are you Ready for this one? Now this is the CHIRSTMAS SPIRT!!!!!!!  hahahaaa, happy tree making…………………………….

rosette paper cristmas wreath

Ok I just had to SORRY, I promise I’ll share some other paper designs ,But I really had to do this one, After all the rosettes I made I couldnt let them go unused…….           So much fun, and pretty also….. Iam working on some circle tree fold s which will be fun and differntContinue reading “rosette paper cristmas wreath”

halloween candy cones

oh these are endless on ideas, so many ideas… and options… You know they arent just for christmas ,LOL. love making these cones fabric or paper…. I added fabric lace to the paper cones…  fun, fun,fun.  Is it halloween yet? or if you need to have something Flameless, like me…. heres my verison…

halloween witches shoes……………

I kept seeing these shoes every where, And I thought how cute, but I could never find a free template or figure out how they were made… UNTIL NOW.. thanks to a fellow blogger who shared… so heres my shoes………… total fun and easy to make. Thanks to paper-witch-shoes/  

how to make rosettes, oh so pretty.

how to make paper rosettes,  I’ve found that differnt lengths of paper strips  will makes a differnt look full or fanned.  The width of the paper is differnt so play around to see what you’d like. It depends on if your using them  for  a larger object or a big gift, or a scrap book page..Continue reading “how to make rosettes, oh so pretty.”