learning about torn paper art….. and sharing it ……

First theres lots of ways to do this some people just use nothing but magazine  tears and the tears are the finished lines with the ways of the tears and its all in the directions of the tears up or downward lines..Some artist just  use scrapbook paper, and some use painted papers they paint papers then tear them… I do all the above now whatever the mood strikes me.  So here’s one I just finished doing wish I could remember the original artist name that did this in a painting……. I think she did an oil painting of this of sorts…

start off with a sketch , draw a rough likeness …… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I started off with doing the legs using only magazine flesh photos …faces arms whatever your fancy for the color did the up and down tears with no white.


when  tearing the skin for legs place like doing puzzle see if it fits tear . move it around see where it looks good if you don’t like it glue another over it. save your torn papers because you’ll need them on another project as this is very addictive art……… especially if you’r good at puzzles and matching colors and piece placements…. this will be a  breeze for you……  for the background went for green bush and grass tree look. and did the brown but covered it up later because I hated it with the brown.


the socks are torn texture paper I tore the paper in lengths and glued them one on top of the other to look like the socks are rubbed , or that was what I thought anyways it worked for me… LOL


next  I believe, I did the souls of the shoes and black magazine shadows.

scissors are showing to cut edges  ends straight to paper .


then I did the shoes  tear paper sort of rounded in the direction of the shoe so it flows and looks round at the ends. you could also add shading with a red marker on here… up to you…and then ground area …


this is so addictive once you start you won’t be able to stop making them……. I found another fun art paper project…

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